Work in Progress March ’12


SpaceClaim 2012

A couple of quick highlights for this user-

Hyperlinks in Notes. It’s good to see the feature request queue getting flushed as upon review it looks like I made this request over two years ago. Going forward I would like to see indication of a notes hyperlink status on the note itself rather than having to look down at the status bar. I think it would be easy enough to change the mouse pointer to indicate a hyperlink but then again I’m not the one writing the software either. I’d also like to see the flexibilty to add a hyperlink to text fragments and not just the note as a whole. I wonder what it would take to be able to apply a CSS style sheet to the hyperlinked text…

OpenType fonts! A one line mention of this new capability was a hidden gem in the release notes for me. I opened a ticket on this issue last fall so it was nice to see this enhanced capability.

A shell extension with live interactivity. This is really nice. A fast way to look at parts without firing up the application. Strangely, there is no description of this feature other than a one line blurb at the top of the document. There also doesn’t appear to be an detailed description of API enhancements other than a bulleted list in the summary section.

55 pages of release notes to review and digest, whew! So far no problems opening up any of my existing models; smooth sailing thus far. Thanks to Spaceclaim for another release.

SpaceClaim misc

How is it that I’ve not stumbled across this setting until only recently? What a boon to my navigation in SpaceClaim. I think at some point I just need to take the time and go through the options one by one just to see what I can find. I think it would be a no brainer to try this combo out.

Another more recent add to the SpaceClaim arsenal is the auto backup feature. This feature has saved me more than once most recently this morning. Keep this box checked for sure.