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SpaceClaim 2016.1 Check for updates

Haven’t posted about SpaceClaim in awhile, but man, this most recent version is brutal. Performance is the absolute pits and the program frequently locks up. Still trying to get to the bottom of everything, but will probably have to go back to the previous version. This is doubling concerning as SpaceClaim announced that they weren’t necessarily going to make their file format backward compatible anymore. (I think I am remembering this right from a recent webinar).

One thing I’ve noticed while poking around is that SpaceClaim will ping an update server (updater.spaceclaim.com which ultimately resolves to zipservers.com) regardless of whether or not the ‘Check for software updates’ option is checked.


You can manually disable this behavior by adding a setting (“ForceOfflineActivation” -> true) to your config file, but really? Why should I have to do that?

1000:1 there’s a mention of Dot Foods…

and there is!

Kiku Obata & Company develop a long-range Strategic Plan and Redevelopment Blueprint for Mt. Sterling, IL near my old stomping ground in West-Central IL.

It looks like this public/private/civic initiative is 5 years old; a quick peruse on the city’s website doesn’t turn up any news on how this bottom-up approach is unfolding although the Obata site does list various accomplishments/projects.

Both websites though… ugh.

Olfelt House

The Olfelt Frank Lloyd Wright house is for sale in St. Louis Park for $1.495M.

FLW loved in built-in bench seating!

Some highlights:

  • One of nine surviving Wright houses in Minnesota
  • Only about 20 Wright houses are still in the hands of the original owner or family members
  • Particularly rare because it’s one of the very few Wright houses with a basement

Looks like the comments are running predominately against. glb123 nails it – “He might have been a great architect, but he was a terrible structural engineer!!”.

I visited Taliesin in Spring Green, WI earlier this spring. At the beginning of the tour I remarked to the docent that it seemed that the facility was in need of millions of dollars of repair work. At the end of the tour I upped my estimate to *tens* of millions of dollars. I found it interesting that the caretakers of the property have to remove all of the furniture (in the main wing at least… I think) every winter as the house is so porous. In his bedroom, you can see inch thick gaps underneath doors where Frank’s precious stone has settled. They are also battling gopher infestations which doesn’t help with the foundation. He sacrificed quite a bit in order to use stone throughout.