“Why Design Education Must Change”

Don Norman:

Today’s designers are poorly trained to meet the today’s demands: We need a new form of design education, one with more rigor, more science, and more attention to the social and behavioral sciences, to modern technology, and to business. But we cannot copy the existing courses from those disciplines: we need to establish new ones that are appropriate to the unique requirements of the applied requirements of design.

Unfortunately saw this in spades at MCAD.


Creative Middle Child…

…that rarely attracts wider notice.

So what is the magic ingredient that makes a city successful? Bettencourt says that it is likely to lie with factors that are hard to quantify, such as the kind of creative thinking that top-flight universities encourage. Investments such as tax breaks for new businesses and better infrastructure can help, but town planners should not bet on such measures bringing about short-term success, he says: politicians who have to deliver results over only a few years just have to sit tight and be patient.

Other less-heralded places, like Minneapolis, emerge as unusually successful.