The Rise of the Global Megacity

To get a rough idea of the speed and volume of this growth, imagine the entire population of Brussels (1.14 million) turning up in London and looking for somewhere to live.

By 2024, London’s population will push close to 10 million.




Scrollytelling is a common way of interacting with stories these days. Scroll down and the story unfolds! Except it’s often awkward, brittle, and gets in the way.


The Awl on the fortunes of Makerbot

Techno-utopian hype gradually abandoned the technology in favor of newer toys like VR and drones, and personal 3D printing went from a revolution to an industry.

3D printing is far from autonomous or labor-free; in fact, in most cases it’s not even very efficient when compared with traditional injection-mold techniques


Affordance of the Day

The photo below shows a set of 2-56 UNC taps from Widia, one of which I had occasion to use tonight. The tap did its job just fine, but I was more interested (and surprised) by the packaging.

If you’ll notice in the photo below, there are three fingers on the right side of each of the three compartments to aid in the egress of the tap. WP_20160501_21_59_18_Pro Probably cost just a bit more to make (and design) but what an unexpected delight from an otherwise utilitarian and unassuming piece of plastic.

Nice job Widia!