SpaceClaim Wishlist

“I need to write this stuff down”

01.)  16.Mar.2017 Ability for the Standard Hole Tool to deal with/identify opposing counter bores

02.) 16.Mar.2017 Ability to reorder sheets within a drawing

03.) 17.Mar 2017 More control over Hole Table origin

04.) 17.Mar.2017  Apply Keyshot materials to all child nodes

05.) 17.Mar.2017 Variable height counter-bores

06.) 11.Apr.2017 ‘Close’ – closes the entire design

07.) 12.May.2017 Ability to adjust font size of the Structure Tree

08.) 17.May.2017 Ability to exclude holes from Hole Table

09.) 17.May.2017 After cross sectioning on a drawing and then adjusting the scale of the target object, the cross section indication doesn’t automatically resize