Suprising Rise

A great article from Bicycle Times about the bike culture in the Twin Cities.

One thing that I hope would come to pass is some sort of resolution around the old, 1920’s Cedar Avenue Bridge. A connection across the river appears to be out of reach for the time being however. A really thorough survey of the the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge with a multitude of pictures showing the state of decay. Aerial View

I’d also like to see the Midtown Greenway extended over the Mississpi via the Short Line Bridge. It doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon either. Of course recent events with the Sabo Bridge are going to push these future expansions out even further.

One thing I always find of interest when I’m on the Greenway to look to look up and note the dates on the bridges especially those from Bryant to 18th. Some are well over 100 years old if memory serves.

And let’s not forgot all of the great regional and out state trails that Minnesota has to offer.

P.S. – I forget if I’ve linked to Cage Design before, but it appears that their series of MSP bike posters is still available. I purchased a couple of the posters a few years ago and they are really slick.