“Is my design good design?”

Dieter Rams lays down the law.


Designer Apples

Heavy Table has the scoop on the SweeTango.

I visited the Pepin Heights Orchard in Lake City (‘Birthplace of Water Skiing’) back in August and found the SweeTango a bit wanting. To be fair it was a number of weeks before the harvest had started in earnest, but in no way did it knock my socks off like the first time I had a HoneyCrisp circa fall 2005.

The article is a great read on varietal development and the politics (Appletics?) behind the distribution of the SweeTango.

Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization II

A few more winners:

Honda Insight Hybrid
I like the Insight probably a bit more than the updated Prius. It’s front end/grill is a bit reminiscent of late model VW styling, say the Phaeton circa 2002, yes?

Samsung 46″ LED LCD TELEVISION [LED 7000]
We’ve recently become an all Samsung household although we chose not to shell out the bucks for models with LED backlighting.

Mitsubishi SJ-D Series Spindle Motor
This doesn’t look like your fathers Baldor or Leeson.


Christian prefers challenging concept art.

‘Spray-painted logs: not challenging concept art’

I am a little shaky on his comparison to Jaspar Johns in regards to the piece above however. Johns did some sculpture work with his light bulb, flashlight, etc, but he is by far known primarily as a painter. Of course there may be some other reference (monochromatic palettes?) that I am unaware of.

Speaking of Jasper Johns, I happened to catch the GRAY show at the The Art Institute of Chicago a few years back. Great exhibition. Unfortunately, there were no photos allowed. I did however get a nice shot of one of my favorite pieces of mid-century-modern sweetness:


Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization I

core77 makes note of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization’s 2009 Good Design Awards winners. Featured is the public restroom from TOTO:


A lot of product description fluff describing harmony, unity, essences and the like, but I found this line particularly amusing: “Users naturally will use such a beautiful public restroom with better manners, making it possible to keep it clean and sanitary permanently”… good luck with that.

I can personally attest to awesomeness that is a TOTO toilet. If you are in the Twin Cities and in the market, Minnesota Standard Showplace is the place you’ll want to visit. Let me know if you decide to shell out over $5K(!) for the Neorest┬« 600 with “integrated front and rear warm water washing, automatic air dryer and deodorizer”. This thing requires a 15 amp circuit!