“art serves no utilitarian function”

The economics and aesthetics(?) of luxury real estate.


“The tremendous power of particularity”

Interesting article from the NYT

Don’t try to be everyman. Don’t pretend you’re a member of every community you visit. Don’t try to be citizens of some artificial globalized community. Go deeper into your own tradition. Call more upon the geography of your own past. Be distinct and credible.

A lot a pushback in the comments however…

More of a Gampi man myself

Make no mistake about it, making Japanese style paper is hard. Nice article on Tim Barrett.

Nothing but a wet sheen was left on the mold. I thought that the process had, for some reason, failed to produce paper. But soon, from a corner of the frame, Barrett peeled off a pale yellow sheet, which resembled a large damp handkerchief. “People are always surprised when they see it for the first time,” he told me afterward. “It’s as though it comes out of nowhere.”

I think a ‘damp handkerchief’ is being generous. A ‘wet tissue’ would be more like it. Western style paper is a lot easier to make but both have their allure I suppose. Papermaking is so different both in process and material than what I do, but I love doing it none the less.

Speaking of local hand made paper, congrats to Cave Paper as the winner of the 2012 Minnesota Book Artist Award.

Bottom up or top down?

“There is nothing democratic about innovation. It is always an elite activity, whether by a recognized or unrecognized elite.”

Paul Saffo in the NYT.

A number of gems here including describing Apple’s innovation model as “more edited, intuitive and top-down.” … certainly a familiar refrain to mnima llc!