This packaging case study is a couple of years old by now, but mnima is still more than happy to recommend Packnet.


Weekend model

One ‘go-to’ component that I frequently rely on are Wago’s Lever Nuts. Often I’ll need to determine whether or not I have enought room in a cavity for this product. Unfortunately, Wago doesn’t provide solid models of their products (boo) so I spent a couple of hours this weekend modeling one up:


I tried to get as close as I could to the actual product without spending a ton of time and I think I got close enough for government work as my dad used to say:


You can see that the orange levers on my model (right) are a bit too wide compare to a photo of the actual product (left), but other that that, not too shabby. This model will serve its purpose in allowing me insight into whether or not I will be able to fit a Lever Nut or two into any given design. A fun little project for a snowy weekend.