Positive Space Logos

Logo Design Love has a roundup of logos that incorporate “negative space”.

Of course there are the well known examples of FedEx and NBC, but Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance by buddy, Blade by subversive, and Guild of Food Writers by 300million are a few of my favorites.

I include the phrase “negative space” in quotes above because according to Matthew Frederick in his excellent book 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School:

A figure is an element or shape placed on a page, canvas, or other background. Ground is the space of the page.

Figure-ground theory states that the space that results from placing figures should be considered as carefully as the figures themselves. Space is call negative space if it is unshaped after the placement of figures. It is positive space if it has shape.

Since the whole point of these logos are the “voids” that are carefully shaped by the creative placement of “solids”, they would more accurately be referred to as “Positive Space” Logos although I doubt you’ll hear that phrase in common use. I know I was unaware of the distinction until reading Frederick’s book.