Legible Cities: Fitting Outstanding Architecture into Everyday Contexts

Nice to see the Weisman getting a shout out for Gehry’s flowing metallic facades that first took shape around the Weisman Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota although it doesn’t seem that everyone is a fan-

These [exterior treatments] adorn museums but also concert halls, schools and hotels, seemingly without regard for place, purpose or relative importance in the built environment.

One expansion I’ve never been a fan of is the 2003 supersizing of Soldier Field in Chicago:

The looming of the new expansion over the neoclassical whilst driving down Michigan avenue seems nothing if not overbearing. Of course the seating has been greatly expanded, but Wikipedia tell us that the stadium is still the third smallest in the NFL! Also of interest of that this expansion caused the stadium to be removed from the list of Nation Register of Historic Places.

Great article from 99% Invisible


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