40% Smaller

Wago has introduced a successor to their 222 line, the 221 series.

I spent some time modeling one up although I think they now offer 3D models. I wasn’t however able to immediately download said model as Wago summarily rejects all Gmail address. What the what?

Wago 221-413.173

The new 221 product is actually manufactured with clear plastic which I find of dubious value. I’ve never had a need to see the innards at work. I didn’t model every interior component:

Wago 221-413.172

Not really happy with this render, even though I really didn’t spend any time on it. I couldn’t find a material that did the clear plastic justice. Oh well. I mainly use these model to visualize clearances in internal cavities anyway.

The old reliable 222 (2 position) for comparison:



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