More of a Gampi man myself

Make no mistake about it, making Japanese style paper is hard. Nice article on Tim Barrett.

Nothing but a wet sheen was left on the mold. I thought that the process had, for some reason, failed to produce paper. But soon, from a corner of the frame, Barrett peeled off a pale yellow sheet, which resembled a large damp handkerchief. “People are always surprised when they see it for the first time,” he told me afterward. “It’s as though it comes out of nowhere.”

I think a ‘damp handkerchief’ is being generous. A ‘wet tissue’ would be more like it. Western style paper is a lot easier to make but both have their allure I suppose. Papermaking is so different both in process and material than what I do, but I love doing it none the less.

Speaking of local hand made paper, congrats to Cave Paper as the winner of the 2012 Minnesota Book Artist Award.


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