The Museum of Russian Art

Another item checked off my list: The Museum of Russian Art. I must have zoomed by the building hundreds of times on I35 and plenty more on Diamond Lake & Stevens but had never made the effort to visit until recently. First of all, what a fantastic job in converting an old church into a knockout gallery. The intimate two story main gallery to my mind is one of the absolute best places in the cities to consume art. The basement gallery and the smaller main level gallery serve their audience very well as well.

Personally, my tastes run towards the austere, the antithesis of the current exhibitions, but always good to expose oneself to different styles and genres. In particular the amount of ornamentation in both the textile and lacquer displays is stupefying. The degree of concentration and dedication these makers must possess is admirable.


One response to “The Museum of Russian Art

  1. Definitely worth checking out! The paintings had so much oil paint that it looked wet. Better viewed from a distance, up close you really noticed the brush strokes. The clothing/linens were amazing.

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