World Origin I

When using SpaceClaim, I’ll often want to start designing objects from the “front”, rather than from the “top”. From a default Trimetric view-

a natural inclination might be to simply select the Front view

to bring the drawing to the desired orientation. Doing so, however, will reveal (especially with animations turned on) that you would then be viewing the sketch grid edge on and not able to do any drawing. A different tact then, is required to get a frontal sketch plane.

The technique that I use is to start from my default Trimetric view and make sure that the World Origin is displayed.

If the origin is not display, it may be turned on using the Display tab:

Since the sketch plane is currently coincident with the XY (top/bottom) plane, we need to make it coincident with the XZ (front/back). The first step of this technique is to select the X and Z axis from the origin. But, since we are in 2D mode, we can’t select the Z axis. Time to switch into 3D mode and select the X and Z axis.

Since the two selected axes are sufficient to define a plane, we can then jump back into Sketch mode:

We can start drawing straight away or go one step further and view the grid head on with Plan View-

Voila. I’m now where I need to be in order to design with “Full Frontal Sketch(tm)”.

For quite awhile I couldn’t figure out how to start sketching in planes other than the XY when first starting a design. Normally one defines sketch planes from existing objects/faces/surface/etc, but with no objects to be had, that tactic is a non-starter. Additionally, with no objects, the Move tool (and the germane Move Grid option) is unavailable. Until I stumbled across the method outlined above, I would create a temporary block, select a face, start drawing and then ultimately delete the temporary block. Not too elegant.

Hopefully this post can save some folks time if you haven’t already stumbled across this method. I haven’t come across any documentation that mentions this strategy nor do I recall any tutorials that mention such.

As always, if you have a better/shorter/easier approach, drop a note in the comments.

Full Frontal Sketch(tm). Ask for it by name. Available in fine stores everywhere.


2 responses to “World Origin I

  1. Turn the Front View and select Choose The New Sketch Plane in the lower right corner and click in the Design Window- that is.

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