SpaceClaim & Zoom

Is anyone else having problems with SpaceClaim 2009+ displaying geometry correctly when working at high(ish) zooms? A simple test to illustrate:

  1. Launch SpaceClaim
  2. Draw 5in x 5in square
  3. Click Zoom In 4 times. Note the corners no longer appear to be at right angles
  4. Click Zoom In once more. Note one leg of square disappears entirely

An interesting thing to note is that by hovering with the Trim Away tool, the true forms of entities are revealed. To wit:

This trick would also work on our simple test case of the 5 inch square above.


2 responses to “SpaceClaim & Zoom

  1. Works fine on my machine. I zoomed 10 times and checked the angle after each.

    Try changing the default measurements from inches to millimeters and then back again. Try closing SC before changing back.

    Hope this helps,


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