Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization I

core77 makes note of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization’s 2009 Good Design Awards winners. Featured is the public restroom from TOTO:


A lot of product description fluff describing harmony, unity, essences and the like, but I found this line particularly amusing: “Users naturally will use such a beautiful public restroom with better manners, making it possible to keep it clean and sanitary permanently”… good luck with that.

I can personally attest to awesomeness that is a TOTO toilet. If you are in the Twin Cities and in the market, Minnesota Standard Showplace is the place you’ll want to visit. Let me know if you decide to shell out over $5K(!) for the Neorest® 600 with “integrated front and rear warm water washing, automatic air dryer and deodorizer”. This thing requires a 15 amp circuit!


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