SpaceClaim Style: Surface To Solid

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[Update 05.OCT.2016 – This post still seems to be my most popular 7 years later… of course SpaceClaim hasn’t sold the ‘Style’ edition in a number of years…]

Given the scenario below in which three surfaces combine to enclose a spherical volume. Using SpaceClaim Style, how does one turn these surfaces into a solid? If we had SpaceClaim Engineer, we could avail ourselves of the Stitch tool (as found on the Prepare tab). The Stitch tool is used to “combine faces that are touching at their edges. When the merged faces form a closed surface, a solid is automatically created.” For those designers using SpaceClaim Style, an alternate strategy is necessary for creating a solid.


Using the pop-up help as guidance, my first thought was to use the Fill tool to “fill the selected region…with… simplified geometry”. I had a bounded region and wanted to simplify it by turning it into a solid. After selecting all three surfaces and clicking on the Fill tool I was the beneficiary of the following error message: “Neighbors of selected face could not be auto-extended to remove that face”… whatever that means.

As luck would have it however, I quickly stumbled on to the solution. Namely use the Combine tool. Select all surfaces, click the tool and voilà:



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